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Buyers / Importers of Grains & Fruits

Total 1715
Date Posted  Buy Requirement Country Select
[To Buy] Dates

Dear Sir,

We would like to import Dates.
Please send us some more information about one
container to Barcelona Port.

Thank you.

Contact: ..
[To Buy] Avocados

Dear Sir / Madam,

We are a group of buyers who are looking to import
Avocados in bulk to Hong Kong and China. We would
like to know your abil ..
Hong Kong  
[To Buy] Dry Fruits

Dear Sir,

We have a requirement for Cashew Nuts.

Quantity Required: 1540ft container per month
Payment Terms: 100% TT after delivery of e ..
[To Buy] Caronda Cherry & Pappita Lakha

Dear Sir,

We have an urgent requirement for Karonda Cherry
& Pappita Lakha.

Please send us the details about availability & prices.

Thanks ..
[To Buy] Dry Fruits

Dear Sir,

Our company needs to buy around 1000 MT of Flame
type Raisins medium size (8-12mm) semi processed in
25 Kg. bags moisture around 14 ..
[To Buy] Dry Fruits

Dear Sir,

We intend to buy Cashew Nuts
Qty : $1350 Mt FOB Guinea
Please send us the details of products.


Contact: Sow Farming ..
[To Buy] Fresh Avocado

Dear Sir,

We are interested in buying Fresh Avocado.

Grade : Fuerte / Hass
16 calibre
Box: 4-4.5kgs
Each box : 16 pieces of Avocados
No Pest ..
Saudi Arabia  
[To Buy] Mangoes

Dear Sir,

We are looking forward to import Mango from Ghana,
air freight weekly shipments 5 told.

Please give us the best quotation.

Than ..
[To Buy] Oranges

Dear Sir,

We are now looking for an exporting company in
Zimbabwe that is willing to export Oranges to Malta.
Terms and conditions of payment ..
[To Buy] Dry Fruits

Dear Sir,

We are looking for a company that is able to supply us
with the Cashewnuts from Tanzania to Zimbabwe.

If you are interested in doi ..
[To Buy] Dry Fruits

Dear Sir / Madam,

We are inquiring about Cashew Nut.
Please quote your minimum order, supply ability, best
price, provide product details lik ..
[To Buy] Mangoes

Dear Sir,

We are looking forward to import Mango from Ghana,
air freight weekly shipments 5 tons will start shipping
1st of May till end of Ju ..
[To Buy] Dry Fruits

Dear Sir,

We are finding suppliers of Cashew Kernels.
FOB price.
Quanlity: AFI standard
Quantity: 1 container/month
Packing: 50lbs/PE/Carton ..
Viet Nam  
[To Buy] Green Cavendish Banana

Dear Sir,

We need to arrange monthly shipments at least
5 containers 40 feet
Size : 4, 5, 6
Finger length : 18 cm at least
Packing : 18, ..
[To Buy] Fruits

Dear Sir,

We require Apples and other Fresh Fruits on regular
basis imported to India. Approx 2-3 containers we
needed in a month.

So req ..
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