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Buy Requirement of

Hair Products

Dear Sir,

We are interested in purchasing your Hair for end use

We have some questions below that we would
appreciate if you answered.

1. Are you a vendor or supplier?
2. Which of the four stage that determine the quality
of hair (collection, blending, fabrication and sanitation)
does your company perform?
3. For those processes that are outsourced, how do
you ensure quality of the hair?
4. How is your hair sourced?
5. How is the hair pattern in your hair created?
6. How do you ensure that the hair in your wefts are
all the same length? Or is there some leeway in your
7. How would you describe the cuticle of your hair?
8. How have the nits been removed?
9. How do you ensure the consistency in the quality
of your hair?
10. How long does your hair last?
11. Does your hair shed? If so, how much?
12. What is your return policy?
13. What are your accepted methods of payment?
14. Do you ship to Nigeria? How long does shipping
take to the US and to Nigeria? How much are your
shipping costs?
15. What options do you offer for your wefts (i.e.
machine or hand tied)?
16. Do you also manufacture closures?
17. Do any of your wefts have beard hair?
18. What colors do you offer your hair in?
19. How often should the hair be washed?
20. Do you give any care instructions with your hair?
21. Can I color your hair?

We look forward to hear from you soon and to working
with you.


Contact: Mr. Uchechi Anyanwu
Contact the Buyer
Date Posted: 12-Jun-2015
Country: United States
Email: Send Mail
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