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[To Buy] Petroleum Products

Dear Sir,

We need sellers for D6 200-400 million gallons on FOB
Houston DIP and pay as well as JP54 on FOB Rotterdam
DIP basis, in seller tank

Please send us your best prices & offers.


Contact: Mr. Irfan
Company: MK Export International ..
United States 19-Jun-2017  
[To Buy] Beans

Dear Sir,

We are interested in buying Agriculture Products
especially Beans from Uganda.

Please send us pictures of your cargo and your prices
for Che Jebel Ali, Dubai.

Contact: Mr. Abdul
Company : Babaei Foodstuff Co L.L.C ..
United Arab Emirates 19-Jun-2017  
[To Buy] Mango & Avocado

Dear Sir,

We would like to know the costing details for Avocado
and Mango (1000kg each). We need 2000 kg per day
by air. Kindly provide us the required information.

Yours Respectfully.

Contact: Mr. Amal Joseph
Company : SPF Fruits ..
Tanzania 19-Jun-2017  
[To Buy] Sewing Machines

Dear Sir,

We wish to purchase Sewing Machines.

kindly send us a copy of your product catalog along
with pricelist on minimums. I would like to know the
various types of sewing machines you offer.

Thank you for your prompt response to this request.
Hoping to do business with you so ..
Philippines 19-Jun-2017  
[To Buy] Garments

Dear Sir,

We wish to purchase Garments / Apparels.

We would like to learn more of your product
inventories. Please send me your product catalog
with pricelist per minimums.

Your prompt response to this request is greatly
appreciated. Hoping to do business with you soon.

Best Re ..
Philippines 19-Jun-2017  
[To Buy] Chickpeas

Dear Sir,

We are interested in buying Chickpeas in large quantity
for the Algerian market. We would like if you disposed
off this product in 12 MM caliber?

Please advice what are your prices for Algeria.

Thank you.

Contact: Cherifi ..
Algeria 19-Jun-2017  
[To Buy] Vegetables

Dear Sir,

We want to import indian Vegetables.
Please send us the products list of those which you
have along with their C&F rates to Stockholm, Sweden.


Contact: Mr. Mirza Abrar Hussain
Company : Mahika Foods ..
Sweden 19-Jun-2017  
[To Buy] Raw Cashew Nuts

Dear Sir,

We are looking for suppliers of Raw Cashews Nuts
in Shell origin from Guinea Bissau.

Details specifications:
Origin: Guinea Bissau new crop 2017
Out turn : 50+ lbs
Nut Count: 200 Max
Moisture: <10%
Defective: 6% Max
Foreign Matter: 0,5% Max
Package: New Jute Bag
Pay ..
Indonesia 19-Jun-2017  
[To Buy] Copper Cathodes

Dear Sir,

We interested in buying 5000mts x 12months of
Copper Scrap Wire and Copper cathode on CIF basis.
The contract is with the possibility of extensions.
Only those who can accept Payments 100% Lc or SBLC
at sight with latest video and photos of products may
please contact us.

Th ..
Zambia 19-Jun-2017  
[To Buy] Crude Oil

Dear Sir / Madame,

We are procuring Nigerian BLCO Crude Oil. We always
look for loaded and stranded vessels in China waters.

Our procedure is :
3. RWA/Preadvise
5. Banking Instrument MT700/799

We would like to have a very long te ..
Australia 19-Jun-2017  
[To Buy] Seafood

Dear Sir,

We need the following Seafood :
1. Spanish Mackerel 300-500g, 500-700g, 800g+, 1 - 1.5 kg up. 
2. Frozen Mullet 1 - 2kg,
3. Frozen Pacific Mackerel 250-350g, 400-600g;
4. Frozen Yellow Tail 1 - 1.5 kg;
5. Frozen squid argentina 200-300g, 300-400g;
6. Frozen Pacific Saury 9 ..
Viet Nam 19-Jun-2017  
[To Buy] Desi Chick Peas

Dear Sir,

With reference to the subject matter, please find
below details of my requirement :-

Commodity : Desi Chickpea (Farmer Dressed)
Crop : Current Crop 2016/17, Freshly fumigated and
free from Live Infestation
Commencement Date : June / July 2017
Quantity : 1) - 10000 MT per M ..
India 19-Jun-2017  
[To Buy] Gold

Dear Sir,

We are looking for Gold suppliers to buy Gold regularly.

Independent professionals, Mandates, Brokers and
Representatives are welcome.

If you are interested, please send us your offer (details
of gold, price, conditions and payment terms) for our

Thank you.

C ..
Italy 19-Jun-2017  
[To Buy] Fish Fillets

Dear Sir,

We are looking for Fish Fillets from Tanzania. We need a
supplier who can provide to up 1000kg or more by day
from Tanzania and the price we need for the product is
2 dollar or Ksh 200 per kg including transportation and
everything place.

Kindly give the soonest feedback.
Kenya 19-Jun-2017  
[To Buy] Dry Fruits

Dear Sir,

We request you to kindly send me quotations for
Dry Fruits like Almonds, Walnuts and Cashew.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Contact: Mr. Pradeep Pal ..
India 19-Jun-2017  
[To Buy] Craftsman Hand Tools & Tool Box

Dear Sir,

We are interested particularly in purchasing Craftsman
Handtools and Tool Box to add to our company's
product inventory. Any information and/or product
catalog with pricelist on minimums you may have to
send is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your prompt response to th ..
Philippines 19-Jun-2017  
[To Buy] Seafood

Dear Sir,

We are in urgent need of a large quantity of Silver
Pomfret, Horse Mackerel, Silver Sillago, Yellow Eel,
Leatherjacket Fishes, WR Frozen Skipjact Tuna,
Octopus & Small Cuttlefish etc.

If you are a direct supplier and has your own factory
manufacturing and processing seafood ..
China 19-Jun-2017  
[To Buy] Home Textiles

Dea rSir,

We need to purchase Towels in bulk for our business.
Kindly contact us for further details & discussion.

Thank you.

Contact: Mr. Adnan ..
India 19-Jun-2017  
[To Buy] Gold

Dear Sir,

We want to buy Gold in big amount of quantities.
So we need loyal and good quality & purity suppliers.


Contact: Mr. David ..
Sweden 19-Jun-2017  
[To Buy] Grocery

Dear Sir,

We are into small Grocery business and wanted to get
the products directly.

How will we know the pricelist and discounted prices if
bought in bulk?

Hoping for your fast response.

Thanks & Regards.

Contact: Krishia Cala-OR ..
Philippines 19-Jun-2017  
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