To Buy Animal Feed Barley

Dear Sir,

We are looking for Animal Feed Barley 180,000MTS
Delivery: CFR Persian Gulf

Payment: L/C Or DL/C is non-transferable. 2% PB

Physical Factors (PHY)
1 . Test Weight min 65 kg/HL
2 . Broken Kernels Max 3 PCT
3. Heat Damaged Max 0.75 PCT
4. Insect Kernels Max 2 PCT
5 . Mouldy Kernels Max 0.08 PCT
6 . Foreign Materials Max 2 PCT
7 . Oxic Kernels(Datura) Phytosanitary Certification issued
by official origin must be according to (
8 . Other Grains Max 4 PCT

Chemistry Factors (che)
1. Moisture Max 14 pct
2 . Protein min 10 pct
3 . Tvn max 50 mg/100 Gr
Heavy Metals Factors (met)

Looking forward to hear soon from you.

Thank you.

Contact: Mr. Tumer KAYA
Posted on : 24-Dec-2021
Posted From : Turkey
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