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Dear Sir,

We are looking for products in the form of Frozen 1x
40 ft river container: Squid, King Fish, Salmon, Grouper,
Thilapia, Crab Jumbo, Lobster, Prawn And Red Snapper.
The frozen seafood specifications we are looking for:
Salmon, Grouper, Thilapia, Red Snapper 1-3 kg
Kingfish 2-7kg
Salmon 2-7kg
Tilapia 2-3kg
Red snapper 2-3kg
Squid 400-500gram
Crab jumbo 500-1kg
Lobster 500g-1kg

Our final Payment term: 50% payment against original
B/L and other documents, balance 50% payment after
30-45 days from receiving documents in our bank.
The documents will go from seller' bank to buyer bank
on collection basis.

For suppliers that match the payment terms of the
company I work for, please WhatsApp me the number
below, payment terms are not negotiable so far. Insha
Allah this will continue.
Please contact us as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Contact: Mr. Tika R. Rasali
Company: Hector Sky Foodstuff Trading LLC
Posted on : 01-Mar-2022
Posted From : United Arab Emirates



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