To Buy Wheat, Wheat Bran & Barley

Dear Sir,

We are looking for a partner to source monthly to our
high-end long-term client in Marmara / Iskenderun (Turkey);

1. Rice bran 20,000 MT
2. Wheat bran 10.000 MT
3. Wheat 50,000MT
4. Maize White 50,000MT
5. Barley 20,000MT
6. Sunflower seeds 50,000MT
7. Sunflower meal 50,000MT
8. Cotton meal 50,000MT
9. Sheanut meal 50,000MT
10. Soybean 20,000MT

These are on a monthly basis. Kindly let us know
which cereals you will be able to supply.

Please connect with me on whatsapp or email in case
you can source from the above list.

Kind Regards.

Contact: Shad Raza
Posted on : 25-Apr-2022
Posted From : Kenya



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