To Buy Wheat, Corn, Rice

Dear Sir,

We have requirement for the following Grains :
1.Soybean - Non-GMO
2. Wheat
3. Corn - Non-GMO
4. Rice
5. Oats

Quantity: The variety and quantity are not limited.
Basically as much capacity as you can provide, for
example; 1, 000, 000 Metric Tonnes per Month .
(minimum 30, 000MT / Month) of each of the above commodities.

Contract duration: One Year plus 1 Day,
Payment method: SBLC MT760 Guaranteed, after CIS,
MT103 T/T.
Destination: China, Port to be confirmed

Grain export (import) to China must meet the Import /
Export Requirement to trade wit China
The exporting exporting supplier must have an import
registration certificate issued by China Customs.

If you require any further information, please let me know.

Only direct sellers or mandates should contact us.

Thank you.

Contact: Mr. Chris Anyadi
Company: CPC Company Uk
Posted on : 18-May-2022
Posted From : United Kingdom



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