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Milk Reception Module with Filter:
A trough for the reception of raw milk permits
discharge of the milk manually, in milk churns, or by
means of cistern trucks. Capacity: min. 150 Lit.
The temperature foreseen for the milk on arrival is
ambient temperature or around 25 C.
Milk reception module with inline filter.
Capacity of Filter: 500 LPH.
Removable filter with 1.0 mm fine mesh in stainless
steel. The inline strainer will be complete with 38mm
SMS connection on both ends.
Self-Priming pump 1.1 kW to propel product. Complete
carter in AISI304 and adjustable feet. EPDM Graphite
stainless steel mechanical seal
The characteristic stellar design of the impeller, the
disposition of the liquid ring and the diffuser, confer to
this pump the capacity of making a depression in the
aspiration manifold and eject the aspirated gases from
the delivery manifold. So, the pump has the capacity of
aspirate air or foam reaching depression values in
aspiration (NPSH) even higher than 5 meters (-0.5Bar).
The symmetric design of the pump permit more over
to invert the motor rotation sense, inverting the
direction of the fluid pumping, without changing the
pump performances, and the self-priming
Butterfly valve in Stainless Steel AISI316L with EPDM
Gasket and multi-position handle.
Electromagnetic Flowmeter DN25.
Spare Parts: 03nos. Shaft seal of Pump.
02nos, stainless made online strainer for filtration of milk.

Somatic cell counter:
This equipment will not be connected with the milk
reception module.
Key feature
Simple and lightweight design;
Proven method;
Cost effective:
Low power consumption;
very small quantity of milk required 10ml;
LCD indication;
Power supply independent Data collection mode for
storing up to 250 records with information about
supplier ID, time and somatic cells number;
Embedded Real time clock;
RS 232 Interface;
ESC POS Printer Support;
One year full warranty.
Measuring Range- Somatic Cells count per 1 ml 90000-
Accuracy +5%
Average time per measurement 4 min
Weight <4.5kg
Power consumption < 30 W
AC Power Supply voltage 220V+10/- 15%
DC Power Supply voltage 12V-14.2V
Milk Chiller
a) Bulk Milk Cooler with automatic CIP system: 1 NOS.
The purpose of this tank is to cool down milk from
ambient temperature to 4C,
Type: Two milking type
Capacity: 1000 Ltr.
Tank MOC: AISI 304L
Legs: 4 Nos. AISI 304
Insulation: 50mm PUF
General Aspects
Tank is built entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel quality
types its internal part (in contact with the milk) and
external part.
Cooling System:
Non-icing cooling even with low filling level. Direct
R404A refrigerating fluid for all models.
It complies with ISO 5708 class BII.
Upper cover build entirely of stainless steel
Very thick insulation by means of non-polluting poly
urethane foam.
Total primary surface ?Trap cold? (registered
trademark) evaporator with maximum yield.
DN50 threaded outlet connector with plug
Stainless steel mill metric measuring stick with
conversion-table in liters.
Computerized FIFO 3 milk-controller system for the
management of all the operations
Milk temperature check
Digital temperature display
Stirring and automatic CIP program
Programmed start-up of the cooling system
Temperatures relay protection for the compressors as
well as compressors inner protection.
Electrical feeding cables with standardized plug
400V three-phase feeding + 50HZ neutral.
B) Transfer Pump: 1 NOS. (CAPACITY: 1000 LPH)
C) Filter for raw milk: 1 NOS. (SCREEN SIZE: 0.5MM)

3 Standardization Vat
Storage tank n01, insolated type, maximum capacity 500L
for raw milk having agitator, type NHS, 70rpm, 0.75 kw.
HYGINOX SE-20, flow rate 1000L/h, a 2.5 bar, motor 1.1 kw.

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Contact: Maks Srana
Posted on : 22-Apr-2024
Posted From : Bangladesh
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