To Buy Zinc Ash & Zinc Oxide

Dear Sir,

We are looking for the following

1. Zinc Ash with Zn content 49-55%.
Qty : 2000 mt
Price : CIF Southeast Asia Main Port.

2. Lead Items
1) lead paste Pb70% up
2) lead Ash Pb 45-50%up
3) lead scrap scrap from used battery
Volume 1000 mt each

3. Zinc Oxide Ore as below
1) Zn30%up
2) Assay needed
3) official test report needed
4) photos of products needed
Volume 3000mto

Price CIF Southeast Asia Main Port
Kindly contact us for further details & discussion.


Contact: Paiwan SaNgeampake
Posted on : 09-Dec-2019
Posted From : Thailand
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