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Buy Requirement of

Disposable Gloves Examination

Dear Sir,

Our requirement is as follows :

A. Detergents
1. Floor wax polish 20L ( white homogeneous paste
free from lumps or granulation)
2. Detergent Mega Pine 20L
3. Scouring Powder 25kg ( based on ammonia
compounds with pleasant citrus scent)
4. Hard Surface Cleaner ( based on ammonia
compounds with pleasant citrus scent)
5. Dish Wash 20L (
6. Pine Gel 20L
7. Gel Toilet 20L
8. Floor glaze 20L ( milky white liquid)
9. Window Soap Cleaner 20L (light blue solvent based)
10. Multipurpose Cleaner 20L (coloured neutral liquid)
11. Liquid Hand Soap 20L ( thick gel with grit for heavy
duty cleaning)

B. Cleaning Equipment
1. Squeegees ( with long handle)
2. Feather Duster Short (35 feathers)
3. Feather Duster Long (35 feathers)
4. Duster Cloth (yellow "packet of 10")
5. Air Freshener 6x180ml (
6. Mutton Cloth 400g (roll)
7. Disposable Gloves Examination small (powdered latex
"box of 100")
8. Disposable Gloves Examination medium (powdered
latex "box of 100")
9. Disposable Gloves Examination large (powdered latex
"box of 100"))
10. Dispenser machine (hand soap)

C. Office Cleaning materials
1. Furniture Polish 6x275ml (liquid spray not wax
2. Deoblock 5kg
3. Pot scrapper (1x50 bale, 20g)
4. Steel wool (1x50 bale, 100g)
5. Jumbo roll (small "170x1000m")
6. Jumbo roll (Large "270x1000m")
7. Brooms (Hard, Large)
8. Brooms (Soft, Large)
9. Vacuum cleaner (40L)
10. Cleaner Pit 20kg ( pink liquid, should be 100%
miscible in water)

D. Toilet cleaning materials
1. Carpet Cleaner 20L (Gluteraldehyde, Phenolic
2.Toilet Spray microbus (6x76ml) (spec:140 UN 1950)
3. Microburst dispenser
4. Toilet brush set ( hard tooth)
5. Liquid bleach 20L ( clear yellow to clear pale amber)
6. Mop ( Large)
7. Floor Stripper 20L (Clear Alkaline liquid formulated for
removal of copolymer and wax polishes)
8. Mopping Unit Complete (Set on stand with bucket
and wringer)

E. Miscellaneous Cleaning Materials
1. Engine Degreaser 20L ( Solvent based liquid oil and
grease remover)
2. Car Shampoo and Wax 20L
3. Urinal Cleaner 20L( dark coloured)
4. Insecticide killer 6x330ml (Pyrethroid 0.2g,
Imiprothrin 0.4g, propoxur 10g)
5. Refuse Bags 1x20pkt ( plastic, red , clinical waste)
6. Refuse Bags 1x1000 (plastic, black, heavy duty
"75x95x30 microns"
7. Pads polishing 1x5pack (Red)
8. Pads Scrubbing 1x5pack( Black)
9. Toilet paper bale 2plyx 48 (creped rolls and inter
leaving sheets)
10. Barium Cream 20L ( Pink paster, lanolin odour,
miscible in water)
11. Engine Cleaner 20L ( fluorescent yellow, typical
solvent smell, non-flamable)
12. Insecticide 5 litres ( Organophosphate "Active

Hope to hear from you quickly, as we intend placing an
order soon.

Thank you.

Contact: Prof. Danish Badar
Company: Shirazi Trading Company
Contact the Buyer
Date Posted: 12-Nov-2020
Country: Pakistan
Email: Send Mail
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